History :

Established in 1963, ECCO is originally a Danish company with factories in more than 7 countries, selling approximately 16 million pairs of shoes per year worldwide. That makes it one of the largest shoe retailers in the world. It was founded by Karl Toosbuy in the small southern Jutland town of Bresebro, Denmark.

Today, you can buy a pair of ECCO shoes in more than 30 countries in the world, from Alaska to Zaire.


Opening :

ECCO, the world's leading shoe retailer, launched its brand in Yemen on the 11th of December 1998. The event, which was held at the ECCO shop in the Sana'a Trade Center, located on Algeria Street, attracted well over 1,500 people, including ambassadors, businessmen, and families looking for a fun day out.



Quality is an important key word in our lives, our partnerships, at work and in our leisure time with family and friends. It's a question of displaying your personality and your attitude to life. Of having a sense of quality and genuineness. That's why we surround ourselves with things that we have thought a lot about first, things that add an extra dimension to our lives that gives us pleasure every single day.

And that is precisely the core of ECCO's philosophy. Quality through out. Quality in the form of comfort. Quality when it comes to long life. Quality as regards materials, manufacture and innovative thinking. We are not afraid to seek new avenues and meet new challenges in order to give you an even better shoe. For quality also means giving you more than you thought you needed.

There are ECCO shoes for every occasion, every personality, for work, leisure, for fun and serious occasions. In short, ECCO is quality in time. And if you ask our customers the reasons for choosing ECCO, they will give five good reasons:

  • They are soft and flexible.

  • They are light.

  • They are shock-absorbent.

  • They are a perfect fit.

  • They allow the feet to breathe.


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