About us

Al-Ahmar Trading & Investment Company (ATICO) is a subsidiary of the Al-Ahmar Group of Companies.

Established in 1998, ATICO holds the distinction of being Yemen's first company dedicated solely to marketing and developing international retail brands and franchises in the Yemeni market.

ATICO has gained international recognition and local respect for representing some of the world's most renowned retail brands.

ATICO is also the major shareholder in the Yemen Food Company, YFC, sole franchisee for Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in the Republic of Yemen.



Our Vision'With our unique ingredients of a professional and high caliber management team, excellent portfolio of international brands, and our focus on offering our customers the best products, quality and service, we expect ATICO to further strengthen its reputation as Yemen's premier and most successful retailer.

We are looking forward to a challenging and successful period ahead of us. Our focus will be to continue educating the Yemeni consumer on the advantages of retailing in Yemen and to

develop the Yemeni retail market further with a variety of new and exciting franchise brands as well as lucrative Joint Ventures with the region's leading retailers.

Despite ATICO's ever-increasing brands, we continue to treat each brand as a separate entity. We create specific project and management teams to concentrate on each brand independently. Hence, while our management is brand focused and decentralized, we utilize our optimum strengths by centralizing key functions such as marketing, finance, development, and real estate management and procurement from our head office.



In only a short period of time, ATICO has developed tremendously and met with unrivalled success in the Yemeni market. A number of reasons have been attributed to this success, but we feel this lies with our efforts to focus on our core values:

People :

In the retail sector, the customer is everything. We know that our staff is the first line of interaction with our customers. We therefore spend a lot of time and efforts in ensuring the highest standards are met Management Training Sessionwith our human resource recruitment and development.

Our experienced employees are internationally and locally sourced and continuously supported by our high quality training and development programmes. We believe in creating a dynamic and positive atmosphere for our employees which will directly reflect on to our valued customers.

Product Quality :
ATICO is proud to represent some of the world's most famous retail brands. Each brand is a leader in its relative market and industry. We take on board principals''s ideas and values and relay them to our customers.
We ensure that the highest international standards on quality, safety, inventory and distribution management is maintained at all times.
We use our vast experience and unrivalled local market knowledge to assist our Principals in formulating the best pricing, marketing, advertising and management techniques to ensure local success for all our brands.
Customer Service :

As the most important element to our success, we listen to our customers' needs and wants. Atico has continued to offer the best quality products and services at competitive prices to keep our customers coming back. We have developed customer focused promotions and programs to find out their requirements and opinions and make it our goals and objectives to meet those requirements.





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